Top 7 Musicals Of All Time

The front of a theater.

If you were to make a list, which ones would you send soaring to the top. We decided to put a little list together of our top 7 favorite musicals. Why 7? Because we got too lazy to come up with 10. Here you go, the top 7 musicals of all time.

#7 Cabaret

A tale that takes place during the time of rising Nazi power, Cabaret premiered int he late 1960’s with a revival in the late nineties. A must see.

#6 Hamilton

Who would have thought a musical about one of the lesser known presidents in history could have achieved the heights that this one did. With a unique narrative and casting, the success achieved by Miranda was astounding.

#5 A Chorus Line

Focusing on the lives of dancers preparing for an audition, this musical was one of the longest running shows in Broadway history.

#4 Guys & Dallas

This famous and popular musical from the 50’s has never feigned much in popularity. It focuses on the dirty world of gambling but does so with humor and a bit of charm.

#3 Rent

Set in NYC, this musical told of  a group of friend struggling with money, faith and the Aids crisis. This musical, based on the opera La Boheme, appealed to a non traditional audience helping to bring new people into the scene.

#2 Les Miserables

This musical tells the story of the French Revolution and it was adapted from the book bearing the same name. Featuring explosive ballads that make you feel the conflict, it is no wonder that this musical is revived so many times.

#1 West Side Story

No musical is yet to beat the classic West Side Story, a modern day Romeo & Juliet. The rebellion of youth expressed by warring teen gangs can not be beat. This musical changed it all with innovative story telling and music.

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